In a world where technology is moving at lightning speed, companies are aggressively trying out new ways to automate their existing, otherwise manual processes. There is nothing GREAT about doing something manually if it can be automated through the use of either additional software or an additional person.

For example, nowadays, people are using to-do software rather than to do lists, because it helps them manage their tasks more effectively. One step ahead and people start using project management software to manage their company's tasks which are a bigger scale than their tasks.

You can divide your tasks into different departments, groups, and projects. Also, they can be assigned to one person or multiple people in just a few seconds. Previously you had to text each person or tell them verbally to do this kind of job.

Although Project Management software is used widely, they are not the future. AI is something that will take things for automation to the next level and make sure that we are automating most of our lives which include businesses.

Still, there is much debate around the fact whether we should be embracing AI as a way to ease our lives or not because it has supposed consequences.

Whatever the debate is we know it is coming, because of the speed at which our technology is progressing and as a company in 2019, you should try to have some element of AI in your company, which might give you a head start with your competitors.

Here is a list of some AI tools you can start using today:

1. Chatbots:

Chatbots are automated customer support live chat placed on websites and social media pages. They help companies reply to some general queries which a customer can ask. This helps the company save the time of their customer support team.

2. Automated Payments through facial recognition

Some progressive companies around the globe have started using facial recognition software for their customers so that they can make payments by just smiling or looking at the camera.

3. Improving Business with Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning refers to the fact that a computer can learn new things by following an already set number of conditions in the algorithm. Many companies are using machine learning to learn about their customer's behavior which includes their purchase patterns, buying decisions and many other details. This helps companies to advertise the right product at the right time with the right price.

Overall, AI is supposed to be the major component in the future of technology Which we cannot Ignore.